Minds Behind MC Network

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Sayed Shehzad Khan
Founder & CEO

Brimming with positive energy, Shehzad is associated with MC! Network since 2007, pioneering a number of successful projects. Started his journey with... ⇥Read more
... MC! Network at the age of seventeen. thus beginning his journey to goal-driven, motivational change-seeker. Since then he has achieved an incredible number of milestones in his life. Energy, soul intellect and adaptability these are the core traits and values that describe Shehzad. He lines with a principle in life to acquire knowledge from every possible source and at some point, return it to the society with more value.

Komal Murad
Network engineer

Komal is an optimistic, extremely determined, versatile individual with good sense of humor and good general attitude towards life, currently working ... ⇥Read more
as network Engr. About her: Her interest includes her craze for travelling, community work and other trilling and energetic activities. She thinks MC! Network provides a platform to diplomacy skills and stand out amongst a very talented crowd of today's youth. She believes in "Dream big and Deliver big"

Salah ud din
Web Developer

Salah ud din is currently working as web developer at MC! Network. He is a talented, creative & innovative, web developer. Who brings ideas to life. M... ⇥Read more
C! Network uses his experience for the online affairs and media sector. "Listen , acknowledge, reflect , then speak".

Muhammad Asad
Marketing Executive

In this global village, many people work for different reasons but i love to work for social development and welfare. Being a part of MC Network as a ... ⇥Read more
Marketing Executive I wish of serving my company at my best, the entire thing which matters is the inner satisfaction you get when you are able to execute what you think about a certain thing. I feel proud of myself. Thanks for the support my team.