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What is Smile?

Smile is a social networking service to let people meet, talk, share or starts listening to their interests via their simple Mobile Phone! Smile is being used by over 1.3 million people across Pakistan which includes teenagers, engineers, doctors, politicians, celebrities and other professionals. .

Smile helping businesses & consumers to connect them together on one platform. Smile focusing 139 million Mobile Phone users in Pakistan to share and connect without even internet!

Smile can be used on any handset from simple towards a well-featured Smart phone, Laptop or PC being a Mobile Social Network Smile is the most powerful communication tool today!

How Smile Helps Businesses?

Smile works in similar way as you create a page/account on other Social networks, you get a business account on Smile for your product/brand/organization along with a dedicated keyword, a keyword is a 3-5 characters word which if sent by people on 8333 will starts receiving your updates on their Mobile Phones.

So it's easy to create link with your daily walk-in customers, all they need is to simply text your KEYWORD on 8333 Smile is user friendly, anonymous & secure in privacy providing.

Surveys show that more than 90% of text messages are read within five minutes, it proves Smile a direct communication link to customers as compared to other internet dependent social networks, Smile delivers your updates to 100% customers in less than five minutes.

Try a live Demo send ABC on 8333.

How Smile is being used by businesses!

Smile is being used by Educational institutes letting them stay connected with their students and inform them about various notifications/updates.

IM Sciences post via Smile web shared with listerners.

Retail is using Smile to connect, engage and inform their customers about new collections/arrivals, sale or different attractive discount offers. Smile is helping retail businesses to create a link with their daily walk-in customers.

Imperial Stores new arrival updates to their cutomers via Smile web.

Political parties/Politicians are on the racing track, they are engaging their followers/supporters on Smile to convey the right information, take feedback on various issues or let them about their party new developments.

Brand/Business Awareness on Smile

Smile is offering advertising spot under each message floated from consumers accounts, you can reach thousands of potential customers to increase your sales.

You can also promote your account listeners.

You can run location or interest based target advertising campaigns on Smile as well, Contact us for details.

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